Facebook Hacks

Facebook has become the social media app of the century. There are tons of other apps out there for people to utilize, but Facebook has definitely become the app that people depend on when they are trying to reconnect with friends or establish new relationships.

So many people have made an effort to join Facebook because it provides them with the whole new perspective on how they can meet people in other areas. There are a lot of people that find Facebook friends and become acquainted with family members that do not live in the same area.

Most people join Facebook will do so because they like to engage in the lives of their friends and family members that are not in the same geographical area that they are in. This is how many people will see pictures of their cousins and there brothers and sisters that are not in the same area. So many people use this as a platform to express themselves.

Facebook is definitely the type of social app that makes it easier for people to stay in touch even if they do not have a lot of time. That may be the reason why many people will post Facebook pictures for all of their friends to see. This is a great way to connect with everyone and let them see things that you are doing all at once.

Facebook has definitely made it easier for so many people that are interested in maximizing their time when it comes to communicating with others. Everyone may not have a desire to make a phone call or send a text message. Sometimes it is just easier to make a comment on a picture of a friend's Facebook page. This is how people stay in touch in the new millennium.


Facebook blog

Coming up with any blog is a process that requires one to have some basic information about blogging. The ability that a person has to earn a good amount of income from blogging depends on the type of data that he or she gives the readers. There are many people who have always been interested in blogging, but they do not know the steps to take so that they come up with the best blogs. The manner in which you design your blog will determine the extent to which people will be pleased to read the content that you have. These are some of the tips that you can use if you want to come up with a very good Facebook blog.

Know the audience that you will be addressing

This is the first step that will make you know whether you will be providing the right information or not. Each audience has a given type of information that they are always looking for. Once you have studied your audience and you have known the characteristics they have, it will be very easy to come up with content that will fit their needs. You can also check out what other blogs provide to the same audience so that you know where to improve. This is a competition and the ability of a blog to attract many people depends on the ability of the writer to provide accurate information.

Give your information in a chronological manner

Once you start posting content on the blog, you should know how the content should follow each other. The first bit will be meant to introduce the reader to the blog and give them a preview of what they blog will be addressing. The subsequent ones can go ahead and address the real issues that the blog is meant to address.

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Hackers are targeting Facebook as a primary source of getting information of corporations and users. They use this information they collect to make decisions about your rates

Here are tips for preventing Facebook hacks:

1. Use a password that is strong

The name of your parents, siblings, your spouse, your name, your birthday, and your dog should not be used. Mix letters, punctuation, and digits and don't use blank spaces. Use both lowercase and capital letters.

Your password should be long because a short password is easy to hack, especially if it’s a common name or word. It should have a minimum character of 6. But it's even better if it has from 8 to 12 characters.

2. Change your password frequently

You should change your Facebook password every month or every week can be even safer, never wait for a year to change it. To change the password, you can go to the settings of your account, or you can use the forgot password option.

3. Don’t accept every friend's request

Avoid people who don’t have a profile picture, even if you have a common friend. Be cautious if you have never met them. Also, if you have friends that use weak passwords, don’t friend them. Hackers can lure you to a malware site by sending a message to you using the account of your friend after getting information about you from your profile if your friend's account is compromised.

4. Don't trust all emails

Honest web services will not email you asking for certain things. For instance, Facebook will never send you an email asking you to enter personal details or change your password. They will tell you where to go to on account settings.

5. Avoid online services

Never be tempted to use online hacking services such as hack facebook passwords as you can never be sure if they are trusted or not. Some sites may be able to hack facebook, but others may offer malware downloads.

So you should also protect the email account that you used when registering Facebook because hackers can reset your Facebook password.